Cimitero comunale

 The Santa Fiora cemetery was built on the site of the medieval church of San Biagio. The crucifix by Andrea della Robbia currently kept in the parish church was originally made for this church. 
The oldest part, dating back to the 19th century, was enlarged at the beginning of the 20th. Here are the tombs of David Lazzaretti (d. 1878), Vincenzo Spirek (d. 1907), and Fernando Di Giulio (d. 1981). By the central chapel stands the shrine of the santafiorese martyrs of Niccioleta, killed by the Nazi-fascists on June 13, 1944, which also houses the mortal remains of Ernesto Balducci (d. 1992).

Cimitero - Fotografia aerea  Cimitero cappella mortuaria Fernando di Giulio

Cimitero dettaglio tomba Spirek  Cimitero Cappella Spirek

  Cimitero tomba David Lazzaretti  Cimitero dettaglio Lazzaretti

Cimitero dettaglio Martiri Niccioleta  Cimitero dettagli cappelli Cardinal Valeri

Cimitero tomba Balducci  Cimitero dettaglio tomba Balducci


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